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16 Jul 2014

Paleo diet is not rocket science! This diet offers the perfect combination of nutrients combined with fats. Let’s take a look at some points to understand how Paleo diet can help people to live better.

Recommended for diabetic patients

According to results for several studies conducted by researchers, Paleo diet has proved to be better than Mediterranean diet for patients suffering from Type 2- diabetes. University of Sweden's researcher also came up with similar findings while studying the effects of Paleolithic diet. Research suggests that diabetic patients who follow Paleo diet might also experience improvement in their health as Paleo diet can reduce the insulin resistence among people suffering from insulin resistant type 2- diabetes.

Keeps cardio vascular diseases away

Research suggests that people who follow Paleo diet are less exposed to life threatening heart attacks and some other cardio vascular diseases.

Helps patients suffering from autoimmunity

Autoimmunity is a disease or disorder in which body's immune system starts attacking body's own tissues instead of attacking parasitic, viral and bacterial infections. This disorder causes several life threatening diseases like multiple sclerosis and cancer. Even in this case, Paleo diet can prove to be one of the best solutions, as multiple sclerosis can be reduced by opting for this type of diet. Overall, it can prove to be great choice for patients suffering from autoimmunity disorder. All that these patients need to do is, remove Neolithic foods from their diet and choose Paleo dishes which are specially recommended for autoimmunity patients.

Recommended for athletes

Athletes need diet which can help them in improving recovery and optimizing their performance. Paleo diet also consists of branched chain amino acid rich food items like sea food, pork loin, turkey, lean beef, and chicken. These dishes offer lots of lean proteins, and can help athletes in improving their body's recovery after training and also in improving their overall performance. There are several Paleo diet dishes available for athletes, you can choose your dish depending on the type of sport which you are involved into.

Benefits of Paleo Diet

There is not just one benefit, but there are multiple benefits of following Paleo diet. May it be an athlete, or patient suffering from autoimmunity, Paleo diet has some or the other dish for everyone!  Order your copy of Sebastien Noel's Paleo Recipe eBook, and start cooking those tasty dishes today! This eBook offers collection of more than 350 Paleo dishes.



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